You Mean Everything to Me

You Mean Everything to Me

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Morgan Saylor interviewed in on this "seductive cautionary tale" YOU MEAN EVERYTHING TO ME.


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The Long Shadow of Las Vegas: Writer-director Bryan Wizemann on how his Vegas upbringing has influenced all his films, including his latest, YOU MEAN EVERYTHING TO ME.

David Walsh interviews Bryan Wizemannfor the new dramatic feature YOU MEAN EVERYTHING TO ME.

Filmwax Radio

In this special 700th episode , Bryan Wizemann, Morgan Saylor & Ben Rosenfield return to the podcast with their new dramatic feature YOU MEAN EVERYTHING TO ME.

Sundance Lab

The dramatic feature YOU MEAN EVERYTHING TO ME, starring Morgan Saylor and Ben Rosenfield, was part of the Sundance Institute Film Music and Sound Design Lab and received a grant from the Sundance Institute Feature Film Program. It was also awarded the Rooftop Films and Brigade Festival Publicity grant.



Still reeling from getting kicked out of her sister's apartment, Cassandra falls hard and fast for Nathan, a local DJ. After a whirlwind romance, he convinces her to quit her job and enlists her to dance at his club. As his coercive control increases and his demands grow darker, Nathan soon isolates her from her friends and family. Confused and desperate, she must figure out how to save another from the same fate and decide what her own freedom is worth.

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“Will take your breath away…further proves Rosenfield is a top-notch talent. Morgan Saylor, as Cassandra, gives us a beautiful balance of naive and bold. It’s a heartbreaking performance and one you will not soon forget...The writing is sharp and nuanced…The plot moves like a freight train…You’re on a rollercoaster ride of emotional terror…The final third of the film is nothing short of heart pounding. I was shaking. You Mean Everything to Me is a must-watch.”

Liz Whittemore, Reel News Daily

“Saylor's gutsy performance is why viewers will hold their breath as the film unfolds.”

Gary M. Kramer,

“Director Bryan Wizemann and his cast have put a kick ass film together. It has a tactile feel at times that most other filmmakers never achieve.”

Steve Kopian, Unseen Films

“A disturbing coercive control drama about one seriously twisted romance, You Mean Everything to Me explores the dark side of love...Highly disturbing and believable.”

Josh Batchelder, Josh at the Movies

“The final 20 minutes consists of an extended sequence that's as tense and nerve-wracking as anything I've seen recently.”

Eric Hillis, The Movie Waffler

“Saylor’s performance marks the film’s greatest strength—she strongly communicates Cassandra’s feeling of isolation leading to desperation. In every step, we feel we’re with Cassandra, understanding that growing realization of being in a bad situation with no easy solution.”

Mitchell Beaupre, The Film Stage

“There are important aspects of YOU MEAN EVERYTHING TO ME that ring true: the generally impoverished social and cultural surroundings, the straitened circumstances of a generation (in their mid- to late 20s) at loose ends in numerous ways, the intense physical and psychic coldness that New York’s streets present to the destitute or near-destitute. Wizemann makes an effort to portray contemporary life accurately and honestly… Wizemann remains an artist to keep an eye on.”

David Walsh,